When i went out in the mist this morning , it was 10 degrees . It is getting darker in the evening and in the morning ! That is not so bad ? I can sleep longer in the morning because it is not so light ! It is cooler and sunrise is bearable time !

We have had the Autumn equinox and two super moons ! We have had the Bournemouth Airshow. I have managed to get out to most of these locations and get some decent shots.

With a photographer colleague (Citrine Photography ). We went to Knoll Beach at Studland to try and capture the Blue Super moon. It was the day after the actual full moon. However the spectacle was still very impressive! Time was against as the shot we wanted was the moon rising over Old Harry rocks. It is surprising how quick the moon moves. Trying to avoid blur and getting the shot proved quite difficult ! With a number of settings prepared we took our photos. I was generally pleased with the results ! As it will not be around for another 30 odd years it was my one chance! I did get a shot on the BBC which i was very pleased about!

I was also asked to take some photos of a young baby. This is something i would like to do more of. It is quite difficult to find an interesting composition with such a young baby. We did mange and i was lucky enough to get some really good shots . Certainly a good learning experience .Mum and Dad were very pleased! Please let me know if i can help your family ?

I had great experience at Bournemouth Airshow . Armed with my Sigma 150-600.I headed down to Southbourne Beach. The weather was so hot and the conditions quite harsh. My favourite being the Red Arrows and the Battle Britain Memorial flight. You just can’t help but stand in awe as they demonstrate what they can do ! Also what they did many years ago during the WW2.

I have just returned from Henley On Thames after taking photos for the Caravan and Camping Club. I think Henley must be amongst my favourite places to go for a couple of days. I was camping at Henley Four Oaks site.

I took my bike and managed to get around so much easier. Taking photos in Marlow and Henley. It helps waking early to be out by 0600. It was one of the hottest days of the year that i chose ! It made the beer taste so much colder and refreshing.

With a trip planned to Norway.I am really looking forward to my second trip there. It is not a purely photography trip! My wife and i are taking m Mum on a cruise!