As February draws to a close the cold weather has returned . Sunrise is getting earlier meaning earlier starts!

I have had some good sessions out on my own this month. Also with a photography friend coaching. It’s always good to bounce ideas off of each other and try different methods and techniques.

I had a good session out with Citrine Photography in Rhinefield, near Brockenhurst. We had checked the forecast and mist was predicted! We had hoped for the sun to break through and create the perfect sunrise ! The sun did not show ! This did not spoil the session though .We did take a good series of misty reflections over the river. Citrine Photography and myself have planned to get together again in the future.

March will bring the colours of spring and the new growth. It will be warmer and lighter in the evening for some sunset photography . I want to try some night work as well. I did try before to get some Milky Way shots a year or so ago. With some limited success ! Also this month i had 2 nights camping in the New Forest. I stayed at a site i have been to previously.

I wanted to capture some sunrise and sunsets. Also i wanted find some deer and take some images of them in the wild ! Perfection would have been all these together ! It was not to be ! I took out the big boys ! My Sigma 150/600 lens out with Canon 5Dmk 4 (which i love ). This does make a heavy combination.What with extra lenses ,monopod drink and extra clothing!

I didn’t have to walk far to find a heard of 4 males and a shy female.! I had the wind in the right direction and dressed appropriately in dark clothing. I took over a 100 shots watching these. Later in the evening i was sat in my van in the campsite and they walked through the site. They were so close and relaxed in this environment!

I love is being outside and taking images to share and reflect the beauty of what is around us. I have a number of comments on my Facebook page thanking me for sharing and having the dedication to get out early . The stillness and peacefulness. It helps me to relax, reflect,think and be at peace!