Welcome from Andy Pattenden

Welcome to my new Website!  I have wanted to have my own little part of the World Wide Web for a few years but up until now I have failed to work out how to do it! With the help of an old friend we have done it so thank you for visiting and finding out a little more about me and my love of photography.

I hope to do a blog at least a couple of times a month. I want to share my Photography experiences as i travel around the counties, and perhaps the country! hope to bring  my love of where I live into your homes and perhaps some incentive to get out and about and enjoy what we have around us. I am always on the look out for new venues to photograph. Looking for new ideas? To push myself and develop my skills.

It seems that many of us photographers will often visit the same places time and time again. This is not  a bad thing and there is often a composition that you have not seen previously, colours are different and the light that is different. 

 I have always been drawn the sea. Living close to it most of my life it has always been my go to place. We have so much choice around us! However I have found woodland photography has drawn me in too. I now live in Dorset and I am close to so many wonderful locations across Hampshire and Dorset. You don’t need to travel far to find some inspiration!

 In December 2022 I  printed my first calendar as a trail. It was very successful and they sold out very quickly. I have produced my own cards also and utilising a local fine art printer we have produced a small assortment of these for sale. These are selling well and I am about to go to print again! 

I have a few tasks to complete in January. One of these to produce 6 large prints for a social club. Watch this space for more details!