August already ?! Is it getting older that make the days and months go quicker ? We had a great trip to Germany at the end go June and then into July. We travelled along the Romantic route south to the Austrian border and a town called Fussen . There are many lakes and castles around this area.

It was a good opportunity to get up early and take some sunrise photos . There were a number of lakes around the campsites and some stunning scenery !

I haven’t been out much at home. I keep searching for the places that no one has found ! It is near impossible?! The evening are drawing in and the sunset is getting earlier. This can make it easier to get out and easier to get up !

I have selected the images for my calendar ! These are currently at the printers ! It has been quite hard to choose the images ! I have kept it to Hampshire and Dorset. The New Forest features in a number of months !

I had a photo exhibition at Verwood Hub near to my home. I had hoped that i would sell some of images ! I didn’t ! I now have my wife asking what are you going to do with these ?! Perhaps with Christmas coming up i can sell some of these for Christmas presents !

I have been asked by The Caravan and Camping Club if i would like to take some more images for them ? There are a number of sites that they would like. I have identified the ones i can do and i am busy planning these. Summer can be a quiet month for photography. It has been for me. Gives some time to learn more and practice different methods. In Germany i was practising some long exposure shots of up top 4 minutes ! I think these came out very well.

I have also been to London recently to celebrate another birthday ! I took a camera and with some inspiration and tips from a fellow photographer, tried some ‘Street Photography ‘ I really enjoyed this. The images are mostly in black and white . I think that you can tell a story of just looking at an image. It brings out so much of a scene. I hope to do some more of this in the near future