As we approach the end of September. I can see Autumn slowly creeping in. On my regular dog walk I can see that the ferns are dying off, some leaves are falling off the trees some dew covered spider webs are appearing! Even a low of 10 degrees. I love the Autumn. As a photographer the countryside will be ablaze with colour making journeys out so enjoyable! The fungi will start to appear. That will mean wet knees ! I hate to mention frosts. With Global Warming they could arrive anytime ! A big bonus will be later sunrises and earlier sunsets!

This month. The month of the Autumn equinox. We have had 2 super moons. One of these the ‘Blue Moon’ I had been hoping for some perfect conditions the get the once in a life time shot? The next time the ‘Blue moon’ appears i will probably not be around to see it! I think the next one being around 30 years time! No pressure!

To achieve this. I ventured out to Knoll Beach in Studland, Dorset. I went with a great photographer, Citrine Photography. We planned to get the moon rising over Old Harry Rocks. Using various apps including Photo Pills. We plodded up and down the beach trying to line things up and get the best spot! Avoid the sand in the kit and dodge the last of the beach goers!

As the moon rose it was a such an amazing sight! Being red and not blue ! It was huge! I think it was 99% full. We had a short time to get the shots. The moon rises quite quickly. If you get the settings wrong then the shot can be blurred. We took our shots ! I was quite pleased with my final results. I did get one image on the BBC! I was very pleased with that! Also some great comments on my Facebook and Instagram pages. In all it was a great experience.

We also had the Bournemouth Airshow. Perhaps the last one ? I love watching the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. The Lancaster Bomber being my favourite. Closely followed by the Spitfire. Also on a par are the Red Arrows! Everyone loves the Red Arrows. They really do light the sky up.

I also had the privilege of taking some photos of a young baby and her mother. This is something that i would love to do more of. Experimenting with settings and photo locations around a home. It was not easy with babies not really doing a lot! We managed in the short hour to get a number of images and `Mum and Dad’ were really pleased with the end results.

If anyone is reading this and would like me to take photos for you. Please make contact as i would love to do some more of this type of photography. I have had some good feedback. So please ask. Not just children but couples or families or pretty much anything ?!

Last week i went to Henley On Thames. This was to take photos for the Caravan and Motorhome Club. I have been lucky enough to have been to a few locations now to takes photos for the club. The photos have been used in the campsites public areas of the sites and form a full-size wall mural. Towards the end of the Month i have another task fro the club in Wales. This will be a good challenge as the location is quite Urban. It is such a great feeling to be asked to do this.

I have just returned today as i write this from a Norwegian Cruise. I was lucky enough to get some photos of the Northern Lights.The second time i have been successful! I will share these next month when i have sorted them out. Before then i will publish some on my Facebook page ‘Andy Pattenden Photography.’ Please have a look.

I hope to view my calendar in the next couple of days. A couple of draft copies have been produced and are awaiting my approval.I hope to take orders in the coming weeks.

All in all a good month for me and my photography.