June 2023

I can’t believe where the time has gone? Last time i gave an update it was cold and wet Now it is 30 degrees and the sun is out and the rain has gone ! I am sure we will be heading to another drought ! My garden is looking like it did last year! Straw !

Photography has been a little slow with me . Some bad luck with conditions! Also time to give to my hobby! My wife always say my favourite phrase is ” I ran out of time !”

I was really looking forward to the Bluebells and wild garlic season. I had a few trips planned around Dorset to get some shots! I had some shots in mind. I wanted some mist and a Deer ?! Not a lot ?! I sort of accomplished my aim ! However the results were not spectacular !

The weather forecast was perfect almost ? I had the mist on the drive to the venue ! By the time i arrived it had gone ,or failed to materialise ! I managed a deer in an image ! However when i reviewed it was not as sharp as i had hoped !. That joined the deleted heap !

I did managed to get some great shots of the Bluebells and the garlic ! The bonus was that at 0500 in the morning the air was clear the birds were in song and i was on my own doing what i love ! The pictures were a bonus

I was asked to take some photos for a children’s yoga session. These images are to feature in a book on Children’s yoga . The book is called ‘ Beautiful Yoga for children ‘ It is currently with the printers. This was a great honour to be asked. The publisher a friend of mine wanted some specific shots of a session that would be chosen for the book. These were taken respectfully and leaving out faces of children whose parents said not want them to feature in the publication. I have found another outlet for my cards who is great ! If you are reading this and can help please contact me ?

I have had my first exhibition at Verwood Hub in Dorset. I was also interviewed on Forest FM from the hub about my love for photography and my exhibition. I named my exhibition as ‘Return to normality’ A phrase from my Policing days. The photos are displayed over 2 areas. I did not realise that it was not just a case of hanging them up. There is a way and i was greatly helped by the local councillor Toni Coombes who is also a photographer.

I carried out a photoshoot with some friends with their daughter. We chose a wooded location close to us. I took over 400 shots in a short time. It was a good learning curve for me and i am sure that i will take these points to the next session. I have produced some images for them and have also produced a photobook that is at the printers. I really did enjoy this and hope to find some more people to do this with.

As the warm weather continues i look forward to some trips into the New Forest as the heather starts to change colour and become a carpet of purple ! I am hoping also that we get some summer mist. Preferably in the evenings as sunrise is so early ! I don’t mind early mornings but with sunrise before 0500 that means a 0300 alarm call. Easier to stay up and sleep in my van !

I have been experimenting with settings and especially low light using the different metering modes and exposure compensation. The joy of a digital camera and seeing instant results ! You tube being my best friends to get to understand the different techniques. I am pleased with the results. However they are not a dramatic sunset or sunrise !