Cold January

As January has ended and now we head into February. It is a good time to reflect on the past few weeks. The end of the month remained cold! Up to -7 at times. It made some interesting conditions at Durdle Door and in the New Forest ! There had been some snow in the Purbecks and with the frozen ground it made some interesting walking styles !

However at Durdle Door. It was really worth while seeing the sun rise through the arch ! I didn’t get the one shot i wanted ! However . I did get some beautiful long exposure shots of the door and the sunrise. Some of these have feature in my recent batch of cards. I

I have also has some lovely sessions in the New Forest. The sunrise being still around 0800 made getting up that much easier ! I really do feel at peace at this time of the morning. There are rarely any people around ! The colours of the sunrise are at times stunning ! There has been some misty morning also. I have really come to love photographing the sun rising and making sun beams through the trees. It can look spectacular !

So much so in fact i have to just sit and watch it all develop. During February i hope to be given the go ahead for a project to produce 8 large prints to be displayed on the walls of a Dorset based social club. I have provisionally been chosen for this. I have sourced various locations and taken some test photos for this project.

I am keen to try and get out to take some images of the sunset. It has not been as easy as sunrise due to home and work commitments. However things are quietening down a little.

Some Images that i have taken in he last week or so can be seen above.