March. Rain,rain and rain

March has been a pretty dull month ! Also one of the quietest that i have had in my photography life in recent months !We had snow across the country but none near where i live ?!  Well ! I didn’t think so until friends  and fellow photographers posting images in Dorset with snow !  Snooze you lose !

It just seems to have rained and rained here. Trying to fit in a sunset or sunrise has been quite difficult tis month. Not helped with the constant rain !I carried out a photo shoot for  a good friend who teaches yoga. She is writing a book on Childrens yoga . It was a time when i was able to experiment a little with some photo techniques !

I made plans with some fellow photographers to get out and take photos of wildlife. The weather has just not helped. The constant rain ! I can take the cold ! But the rain does not seem to stop ! We had to put that on hold !The biggest event for me this month was a trip to Iceland with my wife . It was not a specific photography trip. However i did take my camera ! We did tours of the Golden Circle taking in the wild sites of wild Iceland !  We even managed to capture the Northern Lights !

It is a place i would love to go to again. This time as a photography trip !

I attended a Portrait seminar this month led by a very talented Photographer , Helen BARTLETT . Her presentation was inspiring and makes me want to try some more portrait work with families and children . I have looked at different options to take this forward.

I am really looking forward to spring. It is a celebration of new growth and life. Lighter evenings