April 2024

I have had a great March photography wise. I have Seen my images in Wales at a camp site, I have been to Devon and Cornwall on trips, i have taken photos of a 60 wedding Anniversary and i have been asked for prints !

In March. I went on a canal boat trip with my wife to the Llangollen Canal. Something we wanted to do since last year when i took photos for the Caravan and Motorhome club In Llangollen.

On our trip we went to visit the Lady Margaret site near the canal. I was shocked to see how big my photos had been blown up to ! They were full wall size and such good quality! I am not often speechless? I was today !

The feedback had been so good from the campers. The shots are in the public areas of the site. Toilet and shower blocks. Washing up areas and communal areas. I is such a good feeling to see your work in print ! Even my wife was shocked !

Towards the end of last year. I was asked to plan trips to Brixham and Dartmouth in Devon and Godrevy and St. Micheals Mount in Cornwall . This was to take images that would be used in the same way as i described earlier. Places that i had been to previously. However not for a long time! It was proving a challenge to find a suitable date and weather conditions ! In the meantime i enjoyed planning the trips. It is something i did enjoy in my previous job !

I drove to Brixham in my camper van and set off taking photos from my plan and my briefing. My first location i had to walk to was a place called Elberry Cove. The weather forecast had been terrible! As i parked up the sun came out and off i walked! I was lucky enough to get some stunning shots of this beautiful cove. The water was such a stunning colour ! It was place i can imagine just sitting and watching the wildlife!

The other locations were Brixham (Fish Town ) and Dartmouth. I fell in love with Brixham ! Such a beautiful place. No tourists as it wasn’t quite the right time ! What a beautiful place. I had amazing weather despite the forecast! I had fish and chips and some great local beer !

Dartmouth. I went to Dartmouth early in the morning as i wanted to get there for sunrise. I Woke early and headed out. It was very misty ! The brief was sunny skies ! However ! WOW.! I found a marina with parking and asked the security guard if i could take some photos ! He was happy and gave me a safety briefing ! I did not like to say that i taught swift water rescue and was trained in sea survival ! It is good to listen as local conditions can be dangerous and not what you may be use to ? Also it was shortly after 5am and there was not anyone around !

As a photographer mist can be beautiful in an image ! It can also be a hindrance ! But not today ! I loved these conditions !

After this i headed to Dartmouth and took the ferry across to the town! The ferry was a strange one ? A boat alongside a platform the sort of spins when it crosses the river Dee !

I took a boat trip along the river Dee. Out to Dartmouth Castle and up the river Dee. I saw seals and many famous homes on the trip. Well worth the money and such a knowledgable guide.

I stayed a while in Dartmouth watching the world go by and taking far too may photos !

Part of my brief was Brixham by night and a panorama shot of the harbour. This is something i have not tried before. I did my research and made lots of notes! After Dartmouth i got the bus back to where my motorhome was parked. I had a rest and headed into Brixham for my night session!

I certainly was not disappointed by Brixham at night ! I found a wonderful fish and chip shop that served beer ! A good pint of a local golden ale and Haddock and chips ! Wonderful ! To walk it off . I walked along the spit out to the lighthouse and watched the the sun set!

I had recced the night shot location and headed up there ! I did what my notes said and took my pictures. A number of shots taken and then stitched together in software. They looked great on the camera. They then needed to be stitched together ! The final result was perfect !

Cornwall. I visited St Agnes and Godrevy (Hayle ) and St. Micheals Mount .Again such stunning and beautiful places. I could have stayed longer !

It has been a lovely month.

Most of my images i post on my instagram account patts_1090 or my Facebook Page Andy Pattenden Photography