March 24

The first day of Spring

As i write this it is the first day of Spring It is raining again! Looking back over my blogs this time last year. My header was Rain, rain and rain ! What has changed ? It has been miserable since the start of the year! It has made the last couple months challenging at times and making it hard to get out and find some inspiration! However having come back from a holiday in Morocco. I have found some inspiration to get out when the weather improves! At least i can have the pleasure of looking over my images from Morocco and remind myself of what the sun and blue sky looks like !

It has been some time since Christmas and i have had some feedback on my calendars and have taken this on board. I did sell them all which i was pleased with. I will look at some different designs for 2024/2025. I even had a request to do a windsurfing calendar.

I have had some success with my work featuring on BBC and in other media outlets. This is also very rewarding.

I have purchased a new camera. I wanted to have some other options. I am working hard experimenting and trying to get my head around the more advanced and state of the art mirrorless cameras! I am now very happy with my combinations that i have available!

If you have any Photo tasks or request please ask ?!

I have some commissions over the next couple of months. This will mean travelling to Cornwall for the customer and taking a series of shots at different locations. I am really looking forward to this.

Quite a few things i have on my list to try this year . I would like to try a bit more astro ! Not in a massive way . Just to do something different and to challenge myself! Especially some more Milky Way shots !

I had a request to take some photos for a Judo club in Portsmouth. I have a friend who trains and coaches there. A great honour to be asked. The training was inside a sports hall which can always be a challenge with lighting and fast movement! I took over 300 shots and some really good ones. A number of the students contacted me to purchase some of the images ! I must have got something right ! I am quite pleased that i was given the opportunity! It was a good experience to push my skill and learning in this way!


My wife and i decided we needed some sun! We booked a trip to Morocco. We have never been there before and chose a small resort just outside of Agadir. The area is very desert like in places. However the weather was just perfect. The accommodation and the beaches were stunning. We had sun everyday ! Blue skies and not a drop of rain! I can definitely recommend Morocco ! We will return there! Some nice scenery to photograph also. Some stunning sunsets and sunrises! We returned fully refreshed and re charged !

I am really looking forward to Spring now ! It seems i am wishing my life away for decent weather ! Blue Bells and Spring colours are on the way !