November /December 2023

My calendars went to print in October . It was a hard task to choose which photos to add to each month? I spent some time looking through all my images (over 12000) to find the right choice! It was also a good time to delete some photos that i reviewed and i didn’t think i liked for what ever reason! I chose A4 size and thought i would try A3 as well. I had 30 A4 an 10 A3 printed . I had a few pre orders. I was hopeful that they would sell? I was also asked if i did a windsurfing calendar ? I didn’t! However. I put the feelers out to see if anyone would be interested ? One response was from the partner of one of the windsurfers i had selected ! I was tasked to provide some prints as well as the calendar! A nice gift to see yourself on a particular month !

I had enough responses to put one to print! Again a mixture of A3 and A4 ! These all sold as well! There is not much profit in these after i have travelled to the printers and post office and then delivered some by hand ! It is a lovely thought that people want to buy your art though! When you can buy a calendar in a shop for a few pound it makes it harder to sell!

We had Storm Carian in November. I thought as many did that it would be a good opportunity to go out and safely take some photos! I headed to Poole initially as i had to collect some work from the printers. However the storm did not seem to bad at this time? I drove along the coast to Hengistbury Head and then to Avon Beach! It was here that i took some great shots of the windsurfers and also the crashing waves ! One of my photos appearing on the local BBC news !

I have some success in November and December. I have had my images on the front page of a camping magazine as well as a number of images in local papers and also on local news channels. It is good to get the recognition and get my name out there and to share my images with you all!

I have reached our a 1000 followers on my photography Facebook Page. Andy Pattenden Photography. Please have look if you get chance? All feedback is greatly received! Any of my prints are available as prints ,cards or any number of other methods! I was surprised at the number of ways you can get your images displayed ?! One of my images reaching close to a 1000 likes and loves across different groups! My most liked image! A couple of negative responses! All feedback is accepted! Not all my art appeals to everyone?!

The weather as always has been a problem with getting out and about. A recent trip to the New Forest to shoot some wildlife, found me up to the top of my boots in mud! The cold weather has only appeared a few times. With a strong wind I was lucky enough to spend time watching a large heard of Deer!

I was lucky enough to be asked to take some images for a lovely couple and their 6 month old baby son. The images are to feature as prints and cards for members of their family. The Mum having previously been a wedding photographer was able to give me some great tips ! It is so rewarding to see the finished article and the happiness the images bring!

I have a couple of commissions in the New Year which i am really looking forward to. I have some family shoots planned for the Spring. One of these being a Christmas present for a young family! I am always willing to try new things with my photography and will try most Genres !

Thank you for looking at my blog and website. Please ask if you would like me to help in a photographic way?!

A very Happy Christmas and healthy and peaceful New year